Start Dates : Every Monday     Duration : 3 Weeks     Level : Intermediate to Advance

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The course objective is to teach the basic web development skills to candidate practically

Course Overview

The basic web designing course covers from basic HTML definitions to different types of websites. This course offers basic website builders information regarding the foundation of HTML basics and the difference between using HTML to design your website and using popular forms of webpage building softwares. The course also explains the difference between different graphics and images, and when to use each. The candidates will learn how to layout and format your webpage, as well as some common mistakes to avoid while designing a website. We are pleased to introduce the best training team. You will be trained with structured lessons and help for class members to learn the skills necessary to develop a solid website

Who is this course for?

Candidate must have basic knowledge of using internet and computing.

How can I progress after this course?

Describe website functions, website formats, and basic website design, Demonstrate building foundations with HTML, Describe webpage layouts, Able to build and Launch the website.

Course Outline

  • Dreamweaver CS 3
  • Adobe Photoshop Basics
  • WAMP and XAMP Configuaration
  • Lauching you website & much more..

IELTS Books for Self-Study

You can download book with this link
This is IELTS buddy's own eBook on the writing task 1.It's designed for self-study and it's packed full of tips and special strategies to help you master the writing.It can be used by beginners and more advanced students as it works from the basics up to more complex writing
This student's book can be used as a self-study book as it also has the answers. So it is a good way to revise and practice key grammar points.The book specifically uses the grammar in the context of the IELTS test.
The use of more accurate and less common vocabulary is more important for those who want to get a band 6.5 or higher. This book is especially for this.It can be used for self-study and focuses on vocabulary building exercises. It includes exam tips and also focuses on collocations and paraphrasing.

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